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One of the best hosting services for us are Hostgator - always recommended to our clients. Hostgator something remarkable and that is sure many will appreciate the excellent support via chat that makes things so when you have any questions or problems arise. Even for those not familiar with English always have some business to attend to the client in other languages to resolve your concerns. Hostgator is indeed Number 1 webhosting online, the services they are offering to their customers is second to none, that seems to be the only reason that you have got a tremendous lists of satisfied customers associated with this hosting service.

Some of the salient features of interest in terms of real customer needs;

Discount Coupons

First of all share you a discount code to pay only $ 0.01 and $ 9.94 to always save the first contract (exclusive promotion only hostings. Discount not applicable to domain registration)

Cupon descuento hosting

Once you choose the plan best suited to your needs and your domain name to apply the relevant discount only need to enter in the box matched the coupon offer you as affiliates hostingviajar24h (you can also find other special coupons like indianapolis etc. ...)

Cupon descuento

webhosting994 With this coupon receive a discount on your hosting plan $9.94 USD in the first contract. They also offer a bonus of $50 to spend on Google Adwords.

indianapolis Hostgator discount coupon indianapolis validating always to leave you free the first month and for any promos such as those held during the Indianapolis 500

25hostgatorcoupon Discount Coupon 25% can save 25% to $ 600 (depending on the hosting plan and the contracted time period)

25hostgatorreseller Similar to the previous coupon discount of 25% but hosting plans.

All Hostgator coupons mentioned above have been tested, verified or updated. Different coupons apply to all hosting plans, Hatching, Baby, Swamp and Dedicated.

See other Hostgator coupons to save money on hiring your web host

Low price:

The low price is what matters most to anyone, and this company that is no problem because the best-selling plan (and which I recommend) offers a 600GB of space and 6000gb of transfer for only $ 7.95 dollars monthly .


The time is available page is one of the most important factors. In promise you an uptime of 99.9%, and fulfilled in our case because there was never any falls in a period longer than 5 minutes.

The loading speed is another important factor, and in my case not a problem, since only takes 1.6 seconds to download a page with a weight of 80kb.Datos HostTracker and tested by Pingdom Tools.

Good Points

As a top name, space and bandwidth offered by HostGator is unimaginable. But as you know, space is not physical, but virtual

Leaving the obvious features, we named some of the more surprising when you discover HostGator

- Unlimited domains hosted

- Unlimited subdomains and email accounts

- The latest version of cPanel with Fantastico included.

- Public and private SSL Certificates, SMTP, etc.

- Choice of PHP 4 and PHP 5 from the cPanel.

- And many, many more options (for the most experienced technical)


Many people are looking to host multiple websites in one account and many hosting does not allow this. HostGator Luckily if you do, and allow you to accommodate all of the websites you want. But there is only one disadvantage, since the performance of hardware (such as RAM) is divided into all hosted accounts.

Operating Systems

HostGator chose a Linux operating system, as convenient to be able to offer stable and quality. But there are always people looking for Windows Hosting and HostGator does not leave behind. Unfortunately by the time you can choose Windows only buying a dedicated, but within little integrated into the shared servers.


The version they have in HostGator cPanel is the last in this moment, ie version 11. The only disadvantage is that, even if implemented in version 11, use the style of the version 10 and therefore do not appreciate some advantages.

Another good thing is that cPanel has Fantastico is included, with which you can install applications (like WordPress) with just 1 click, which can save you much time.


Hostgator offers various forms of contacts, among which a ticket system and online chat they have for their quality.

Referral System::

Although many people find strange personal experience and contacts who tested Hostgator referral system can guarantee that they always pay the amounts promised or rather the one obtained by the number of referrals. The good thing is they pay, for each discharge generated an amount ranging from $ 50 to $ 125 (The more referrals you have, the more you pay).

Take for instance a real capture employee commissions generated by referring customers in one of our affiliated domains - Ganar dinero con hostings

Well, this ends the short summary of Hostgator. Summarizing the above, Hostgator has, like all hostings in the world, good things and less good but in this case as the latter are smaller.

If you want to know if your hosting Hostgator ideal or not, the only way you can do is try one.

Why I highly Recommend HostGator For You?

From personal experience hosting or hiring a quality web hosting where you can host your pages or blogs safely and without surprises is of vital importance. There are hundreds hostings companies but only a few are recognized in the market with rave reviews both for its dwindling prices as well as its technical assistance services to clients.

If we were to recommend a company would both for its technical features as its excellent price (even offer discount coupons hiring almost free for the first month such as webhosting994 or indinapolis coupon - final price $ 0.1) and excellent service chat customer support to resolve any questions that you present (see detailed specifications Cheap Hosting

For more information about services offered by different companies just to get some comparison and be well informed before making any hiring.